Propellant Formulations

Over the past couple of years I have developed, tested and characterized, few propellants for use in small solid rocket motors. Since I have no commercial interests, I decided to share my data with the rest of the world. In doing so, I hope to inspire others to join me in creating a web repository of CHARACTERIZED propellant formulations. This information, would be free for all to use. If you have something to contribute please read the information at the bottom of the page.

I am providing this information for educational purposes only, in hope of furthering our hobby. If you do decide to reproduce any of these propellants, always put safety first, and comply with all the laws applicable to your domicile. This will ensure that amateur rocketry remains safe and legal pastime for all of us.

AP-Mg-HPTB(R45M) Good Isp, stable solid propellant

AP-Al/Mg-HTPB(R45M), High Isp, very high burn rate

AN-Mg-HTPB(R45M), Medium Isp, slow burning

AP/KP-Al/Mg-HPTB(R45M), High performance

If you know of any characterized solid propellants, and want to have your data posted here, contact me to make the arrangements. To be considered characterized, the propellant must be described in a way to make it reproducible by anyone, as well as provide adequate information to permit motor design. At a minimum this would include: exact propellant contents, grade and suppliers of chemicals used; burn rate or Kn variation with pressure (at least two points), along with the description of methods used; any practical experiences and observations. This data does not need to be in a fancy form. I will work with you to make it presentable.

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