Following is a list of various suppliers of rocket related materials, chemicals and hardware. I have no interests tied to any organizations listed below.

Firefox Enterprises Inc.
P.O.Box 5366, Pocatello, Idaho 83202
(208) 237-1976

Supplier of wide range of rocketry chemicals, materials, hardware and literature. They do not sell motors, but if you are making your own, chances are they will have everything you need. Gary Purrington, the proprietor, is very knowledgeable about many aspects of solid fuels and binders, and always appeared to be willing to share his expertise through advice. Their catalog is $3 domestic, $6 foreign. ( )

CP Technologies,
4010A South Poplar, Suite 23, Casper, WY 82601
(307) 265-8755

The only supplier of phase stabilized AN (that I know of), and other rocketry related materials (but not motors). They also have very good set of books and videos on AN fuel formulation, as well as about general motor design. I don't know if you are into AN, but the books come highly recommended. John Wickman, the owner, has always supported my interests by means of solid advice.

P.O.Box 1
Catasaqua, PA, 18032
(717) 256-3087

Supplier of numerous chemicals used in rocketry (they have very fine Mg powder), various materials and tubing, literature. Contact Joe Miko for a catalog.

If you would like your organization to be included here, send me e-mail with your listing, loosely following the above format.

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